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Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana can experience some harsh winters. At Chatham Comfort Controls, we understand that you can never fore see an emergency situation in advance. A "NO HEAT" call Doesn't have to be a scary decision. Here are just a few reasons to call Chatham Comfort Controls for all your Heating repairs / services.

Heating companies are not all Alike!

The 5 Things That Repairmen Do That drives homeowners crazy...
and how Chatham Comfort Controls Solves Them

What every homeowner should know before calling another Heating Company...

VOICEMAIL  or even worse, some contractors use an answering machine. Then you have to wait and hope they call back. At Chatham Comfort Controls, our phones are staffed 24 hours a day so you can always talk to a live person.

WASTED TIME Most service companies won't give you a real appointment time. They say, "we'll be there between "10 and 4". So you have to waste a whole day waiting. Not anymore! You get a precise "Appointment window" when you call us you don't waste a lot of time waiting.

TOO MANY TRIPS Other companies can make 2 and 3 trips before they have the right parts to fix your problem. This costs you extra money & frustration. We stock our trucks with more than $5000 in parts. We call them our "warehouse on wheels," so we can fix the real problem the first time, saving you money. Therefore more than 90% of the time we have your part on our trucks.

INVOICE SHOCK This is what happens when you are charged "time and material" and the serviceman gets paid more the longer he takes. Or the serviceman / company with "NO PAPERWORK" when asked how much this will cost you they just pull some number out of thin air.

Only at Chatham Comfort Controls do you get "Straight Forward Pricing" on your furnace repairs. You know the exact amount before the work begins so you can decide.

other service companies have a "Concrete Guarantee"... when their truck leaves your concrete driveway, their guarantee expires! With Chatham Comfort Controls you have a 100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Along with a 2 YEAR(s) WARRANTY ON THE PART!

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Customer Reviews

Ms. Clay

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I just recently purchased a home to find out that the central air unit was no good. My daughter found this company on a Sunday, on one of the hottest days this year. After speaking with John, he suggested that I have a consult done to diagnose the issue. My consult was scheduled for the same day between 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. John showed up on time, diagnosed the problem, and his honest opinion about how to handle it. John explained everything, along with displaying models, and prices. He knew exactly what was needed to cool off my home.John and his company scheduled me an appointment for Tuesday 6/13/2017. Everyone showed up before time, the job was completed in the time frame that John stated, and everyone was very clean. John and his crew did an excellent job servicing my home. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best service, in my opinion any company can do, I WOULD GIVE CHATHAM COMFORT CONTROLS 10 ++++.THANK YOU

W. Terry

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I had the pleasure of working with this amazing company this past winter.
Picture this -- Froze pipes, busted radiators, water and water damage everywhere. I woke up to this nightmare in February. After calling several companies for assessments and quotes, I chose Jon and CHATHAM COMFORT CONTROLS. Jon was ALWAYS on time, professional, personable, informative and patient. CCC completed a free in home estimate where they assessed the damages and we discussed my options. CCC offered a fair price and completion schedule on a new HVAC. They worked diligently to complete this project on schedule. My house is over 100 years old and there were a few unforeseen issues but Jon's skilled, professional team was ready, willing and able to solve every issue.

I've completed several rehab/construction projects. Many times contractors get tired or bored and may attempt to take shortcuts to save money/time. This was NOT my experience with CCC. Every question was welcomed and answered thoroughly (sometimes twice:)). Everyday after their day was done, the site was left broom clean. I appreciated that as I'm a bit of a neat freak. The clean up after the job was good too.

The new HVAC heats and cools efficiently. The new ducts are neatly placed and unobtrusive. The thermostat is smartly placed. The location of the indoor and outdoor units are ideal for the property. I would refer him to my mom! In fact, I did!

Vivian C.

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We were having problems with our furnance on the coldest day of 2014. Chatham Comfort Control was recommended to come out an look at the furnance. Jon the owner came out he was very knowledge and professional. I told him I would call him later in the year to replace the furnance. I called him in Sepetember to get an estmiate on a furnance, air conditioner,water heater and humidfier. I received 3 estimate and chose Climate Comfort Control. Jon and his staff came out in October and completed all the work in a very professional manner. There was no clean up left for me, everything was removed. Jon the owner ans staff came back in May of 2015 to ensure the Air Conditioner was working proprly before the hot weather both my hubsand and I have been very satisfed. I highly recommend Climate Comfort Control. I would and have reommend to a friend. Vivian



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